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While most people are aware that decay causes tooth loss in millions of people across North America every year, they’re surprised to learn that sporting activities are also responsible for tooth loss in millions of people each year. Thankfully, at Brantford Family Dental Centre in Brantford, we know that a professional sports mouthguard can help athletes and sports enthusiasts alike protect their smile for years to come. Our expertise as sports mouth guard dentists ensures that each mouthguard we provide is meticulously crafted to offer optimal protection and comfort, meeting the specific needs of every individual.

Which sports require a mouthguard?

Though all sports can pose an oral health risk, high-contact versions like boxing, football, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, skateboarding, rugby, lacrosse, and soccer are known to have higher rates of dental injuries. Even “milder” sports like baseball, golf, and cycling pose risks. This underscores the necessity of using a sports guard dental device for all athletes, regardless of the sport they participate in. These guards are specifically engineered to absorb and distribute the impact of blows, protecting teeth, gums, and the jaw from serious injury.

How do sports mouthguards help protect your mouth?

Because they’re custom-fitted to your unique smile and move your lower jaw bone into a forward and downward position, mouthguards separate the upper and lower jaws, minimizing the chance of significant injury should impact take place. They also protect teeth and gums from serious injuries like broken teeth, jaw fractures, and neck trauma. Also, if you wear braces, sports mouthguards move the oral cavity’s soft tissue away from teeth, which protects your lips and cheeks from experiencing tearing. This level of protection is especially important in contact sports, highlighting the benefits of a custom sports mouth guard. Thin mouth guard sports provide a sleek and lightweight option for athletes seeking protection without sacrificing comfort or performance. These mouthguards are custom-fitted to your unique smile and move your lower jaw bone into a forward and downward position, separating the upper and lower jaws to minimize the chance of significant injury should impact take place.

What’s the difference between a store-bought and professional sports mouthguard?

In addition to the fact that a professional mouthguard is unique to a patient’s smile, it’s also made from high-quality materials that ensure it stays in place, is highly durable, and is comfortable to wear. Store-bought options, on the other hand, are generic and poorly fitting. They also wear down quickly and are not able to offer the same level of protection that professional versions do. This distinction highlights the importance of investing in dental guards and appliances that are specifically designed and crafted by dental professionals. For athletes, the use of a mouth guard for sports is particularly crucial.

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