Inlays & Onlays From Your Dentists in Brantford

Made from tooth-coloured materials that are virtually undetectable to the naked eye, inlays and onlays are durable and esthetically pleasing restorative options for premolars and molars that have been damaged by decay.

Each option fits the exact size and shape of a tooth’s cavity and is ideal for situations where a tooth is too damaged for a composite or amalgam filling but not damaged enough for a full crown. Both inlays and onlays are professionally crafted and placed after decay has been removed and the tooth has been cleaned. Additionally, unlike silver-coloured fillings that require large amounts of healthy tooth be removed, only the damaged area of the tooth is removed with these options.

What’s the difference between an inlay and an onlay?

An inlay is customized to fit inside a tooth’s biting surface, between its cusps.

An onlay is customized to cover one or more tooth cusps.

How is an inlay or onlay placed?

Because they’re custom-made for your tooth, we initially take a mold of your prepared tooth and send it to our highly skilled lab professionals. We’ll place a temporary filling in your tooth until your permanent restoration is ready.

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  • Restore a significantly damaged tooth
  • Ideal for protecting premolars and molars
  • Avoid the need for a crown with these options
  • Have a custom-fitted restoration crafted for your unique needs
  • Enjoy results for many years with diligent care!

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