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If one or more broken or missing teeth are making you hesitant to smile, you don’t have to resign yourself to a lifetime of self-consciousness! At Brantford Family Dental Centre, we’re proud to provide our patients with natural-looking tooth restoration and replacement options that completely transform smiles. Our dental bridge services offer a reliable solution for filling in gaps caused by missing teeth, restoring both the appearance and functionality of your smile. As dental bridges specialists, our experienced team is dedicated to crafting personalized solutions suited to your unique needs.

What is a dental crown?

An ideal solution for a tooth that’s broken, severely damaged, or discolored, this prosthetic option fits snuggly over a tooth and offers a natural and lasting finish. In cases where multiple adjacent teeth require restoration, a crown bridge dental procedure may be recommended.

Placing a dental crown often requires two appointments. During the first, a mold will be taken of the tooth and the area surrounding it, and the tooth in question will be prepared for crown placement. We’ll fit your tooth with a temporary protective crown that will be removed when your professionally crafted version is ready. Once you final crown is ready, we will schedule a return visit and will ensure that the crown fits well and looks great. Once we’ve confirmed this is the case, we’ll secure your customized, permanent crown in place and advise you on how to best care for it.

What is a dental bridge?

When you’ve experienced tooth loss, a dental bridge may be your ideal rejuvenation solution! Able to fill in the gap one or more missing teeth leave behind, the process of having a bridge placed is similar to what you’ll experience when receiving a crown. At our practice, we prioritize patient education and empowerment, which is why we offer personalized tooth bridge consultations. In addition to traditional dental bridges, we specialize in cosmetic bridges services, catering to patients seeking not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing solutions for their smile restoration needs.

After an impression of the area is taken, anchoring teeth on either side of the gap(s) will be prepared for crowns, which will support the dental bridge. A temporary prosthetic will be put in place while your permanent bridge is made, and once complete, we’ll schedule a return visit to our office. We’ll ensure that the bridge – complete with one or more artificial teeth to fill any gaps – fits comfortably before securing it in place! At Brantford Family Dental Centre, we also offer orthodontic bridge services for patients requiring specialized treatment for misaligned teeth or bite issues.

Are you wondering if a dental bridge might be your ideal smile-rejuvenating option? Call us today to discuss!

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  • Restore one or many missing teeth
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