Dental X-Rays From Your Dentists in Brantford

One of the most important dental technologies available, X-rays allow dentists to spot issues happening in and between teeth, under the gumline, and under a filling or crown. They also enable us to measure a patient’s jaw bone density levels, whether cysts and/or tumors are present, and to diagnose early signs of oral cancer. By utilizing dental X-ray services, our practice ensures thorough diagnostic capabilities which are vital for planning effective treatment strategies. These services are instrumental in detecting hidden dental abnormalities, assessing the extent of oral diseases, and guiding surgical procedures, thereby enhancing the precision of our interventions and improving patient outcomes.

Did you know?

  • Dental X-rays emit low-level radiation (as much as 90% less) which is comparable to the type you experience from the earth’s crust, the sun, certain food types, as well as the air we breathe?
  • Digital X-rays don’t require processing, meaning that they’re easier on the environment, are viewable right away, and can be enlarged for closer inspection to make a complex diagnosis. They can also be easily emailed to insurance providers, when necessary, to speed up claim submission.

What types of digital X-rays are available?

Depending on your unique oral health needs, our team may use one or more X-ray variations to assess the state of your teeth, gums, and jaw bone. Our dental X-rays services are designed to adapt diagnostic approaches to each patient, ensuring that we capture the most relevant information for your specific condition.

Bitewing options are used on either side of a patient’s mouth and let us know how your teeth match up. They’re ideal for locating any decay happening between teeth.

Occlusal X-rays are done when a patient’s mouth is closed and let us know how your upper and lower teeth align. They reveal any abnormalities in the palate and mouth floor.

Periapical options allow for a clear look at teeth from crown to root.

Full-mouth X-rays capture the inside of a patient’s entire mouth with 18 films.

By undergoing regular X-ray examinations, you enable your dental team to quickly and effectively provide you with the care you need. And in doing so, you save yourself time, money, and the need for more complex dental treatments in the short- and long-term. Utilizing consistent dental X-rays services is essential in maintaining oral health and preventing future complications.

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Dental X-Rays

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  • Monitor the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw bone
  • Establish a baseline for dental treatment
  • Have any decay between and inside teeth diagnosed and treated early on
  • Spot early signs of oral cancer
  • Prioritize your oral health for life!

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