Dental Bonding From Your Dentists in Brantford

Using a composite material that closely matches the natural shade of your teeth, dental bonding allows dentists to restore or cosmetically enhance patients’ smile affordably, effectively, and quickly.

A great option for filling cavities in areas that are prominent when smiling, dental bonding can also benefit patients who would like to build up or slightly alter the shape of their teeth, fill in unwanted spaces between teeth, and deal with surface stains that brushing alone can’t rectify.

What’s involved in the bonding process?

After a slight roughening of the surface of your tooth, we’ll apply a conditioning liquid followed by bonding resin. We’ll place the resin, which initially acts as a putty-like resin, on the tooth and shape it so it blends seamlessly with your smile. We’ll complete the process with a dental curing light and ensure that the material looks great before sending you on your way!

How should you care for teeth that have been bonded?

Along with brushing at least twice a day and flossing once, it’s important to note that bonded teeth can stain, so avoiding foods and drinks (such as tea, coffee, wine, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries) and tobacco is recommended.

Dental bonding is affordable, quick, minimally invasive, and in many cases, treatment can be completed in one visit to our office.

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  • Repair teeth with tooth-coloured material
  • Fix tooth chips or fractures
  • Fill in unwanted spaces between teeth
  • Mask stubborn stains
  • Increase your smiling confidence!

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